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Thread: True Amateur Models - New Amateur Girls Modeling & Spreading Nude

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    Cool True Amateur Models - Nude Amateur Girls

    Here are some amateur galleries from True Amateur Models!

    Name: Dulce Model
    Age: 22
    Height: 5' 08
    Employment: Sub Sandwich Restaurant

    Dulce has absolutely no experience in nude modeling and is a very real and exclusive amateur girl! I met her over at the shopping mall and wanted to speak with her in regards to participating in my amateur modeling shoots! I started off with small talk, but it didn't take long before she was giving me her cell number and telling me that she was going to think about the nude modeling proposition and get back with me on it! It was no later than 2 days before she called requesting information on how to get started!

    Name: Jade Model
    Age: 19
    Height: 5' 07
    Employment: Baseball Game Refreshment Stand Cashier

    Jade is a 19 year old amateur girl that moved out to the USA from Cuba and she has never done any nude modeling in the past. She works over at the baseball arena selling drinks and hot dogs and that was where I established contact with her. She did a great job at the shoot too! Watch her strike off all sorts of poses and positions!

    Name: Cheri Model
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'03
    Employment: Pizza Delivery

    Cheri is an amateur Latina babe that I met over at a sports bar! We started talking about this and that, and then I started talking to her about the possibility of her participating in my nude amateur photo shoots! She wanted to look at the site first and then let me know if whether or not she would be interested in doing it. So, I asked for her to drive over to the house with me so that I could show her the site! As you can see, she decided to go ahead and try the nude modeling! What do you guys think? I think she did a pretty good job!

    Name: Sophie Model
    Age: 25
    Height: 4' 09
    Employment: Convenient Store Gas Station Cashier

    I met Sophie at a movie rental machine in the front of the local drug store. Sophie is 25 years old and I am glad that she decided to become a True Amateur Model! She was a pleasure to shoot and I am sure that we will shoot again, at sometime in the near future. Watch this hot amateur girl model nude with her sexy glasses on ...and spread into all sorts of nude positions! As always, there are plenty of super, close up pictures and a lot of candid and very amateur modeling shots too! Sophie also has a very high quality, solo masturbation video on True Amateur Models, so if you become a member, be sure to watch the video! Believe me, it is SUPER HOT!

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    Have you ever wondered .....what happens after the nude modeling shoot? Here are some hardcore galleries to show you!

    Hope you enjoy!

    Name: JC
    Age: 18
    Height: 5' 03
    Employment: Retail Sales Clerk

    I took a vacationing trip down to Miami, Florida for a few days and invited a couple of the girls from the website to go along with me. JC and Zoe were the girls that I decided to take with me. As JC and I were relaxing in the bed one evening, she became very horny and wanted to fuck. Zoe offered to shoot the photos of our fuck session for all of you guys to enjoy! Watch JC and I fuck hard in a hotel room down in Miami, Florida! That was a great little vacationing trip for me to take with the girls. We all had a great time hanging out and there are many more pictures in the members area from our weekend trip. 100% real amateur sex and 100% real amateur girls....that's what you get with True Amateur Models! High quality and very amateur content of real amateur girls modeling nude and getting banged hard!

    Name: Amber R.
    Age: 18
    Height: 5' 02
    Employment: Landscaping Helper

    Look at this 18 year old petite amateur babe! Her father owns a landscaping company and sometimes she will tag along with him on job assignments to make some extra money. After noticing this amateur girl sweating all over my lawn, I had to walk outside to speak with her regarding the possibility of her modeling nude for my amateur porn website! She actually thought that the idea seemed pretty exciting so we exchanged phone numbers and she called me the very next day requesting additional information on the nude photo shoot! She did come by to do the nude modeling ...and as you can see, that's not all this amateur teen babe did either! Watch me fuck this petite amateur teen until I blow my fat load deep inside of her wet and tight pussy!

    Name: Cassandra
    Age: 18
    Height: 5' 06
    Employment: Department Store Employee

    I met Cassandra over at the shopping mall one day. I talked with her about modeling nude for my amateur website and she was interested in doing it, but she had to check with her boyfriend about it first. I remember, her boyfriend used to always bring her to the nude modeling shoots and he would never allow her to do any sexual scenes for the website. The guy was just totally against anything like that, but I always felt like his girlfriend wouldn't mind going a little further. But anyway, Cassandra and her boyfriend broke up three weeks ago, ....so here I am fucking her amateur teen pussy!

    There are also additional sex scenes with Cassandra (including handjobs and blowjobs) on the website too. And of course, plenty of nude modeling! Cassandra has nearly 2000 high quality and amateur pictures...along with a hot and exclusive video of her modeling and spreading all apart nude!

    Name: Destiny, Naughtia & Ray
    Age: Both girls are 18
    Height: 5' 06 and 5' 03
    Employment: Telemarketing Representatives

    Destiny and Naughtia came by the house the other day for some amateur nude modeling. As you can see, a lot more than nude modeling went on! Watch these two amateur teens stroke and suck all over my hard dick! I switched back and forth, fucking the both of these amateur teens....while the blonde girls boyfriend took the pictures! After trying to abstain from shooting a fucking load up inside of one of these girls, I relaxed back on the bed and let the both of these amateur teens finish me off with a lubricated handjob! There are nearly 900 full sized and high quality amateur pictures of them modeling nude (as well as hardcore) in the members area - along with over 200 other amateur models!

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    A bunch of great scenes in here. You have a great job man.
    I Like Seeing new stuff from Porn Stars like Jessie Rogers, Solo Girls like Carlotta Champagne and Nude Models like Jenya D.

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    It dont get more amateur then this whore selling her body

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    Quote Originally Posted by onion powder View Post
    A bunch of great scenes in here. You have a great job man.
    Thank's bro. It's always nice to hear positive feedback. Glad you enjoy the galleries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry6 View Post
    It dont get more amateur then this whore selling her body
    Hmm, I think you and I would disagree, in terms of what is considered amateur or not, because the link that you posted (even though the escort is pretty) ...clearly does not have an amateur look to her. (???)

    Good luck to her on scoring some dates though!

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    A few more amateur girls from True Amateur Models. Hope you enjoy!

    Name: Claire
    Age: 18
    Height: 5' 03
    Employment: Part-Time Babysitter

    Claire is 18 years old and she is a babysitter! My buddy went out to dinner with his wife,
    and he called me immediately once they arrived at the restaurant! You should have heard
    him on the phone! He was hysterical! He asked for me to drive over to his house to try
    and get Claire to model nude for the website. I mean, the guy loves his wife and all, but
    he really wanted me to try and get his babysitter to strip and spread nude on my website!
    I did drive over there and speak with the babysitter about the modeling, and she was
    actually pretty open to the idea! We had to talk about it a bit, but for the most part, I knew
    that she was going to do it, and I am glad that she did too! Wouldn't you agree?

    Name: Luna
    Age: 18
    Height: 5" 02
    Employment: Electronics Sales Associate

    Luna is 18 years old and she is a girl that I met at a carnival. I wanted to go out and
    recruit some amateur girls to shoot for the site, so I figured ...why not attend the local
    carnival? As soon as I laid my eyes on this amateur, I wanted to shoot her! Luna has
    never modeled nude before and she has never been on any other sites. She is just a
    very amateur girl that I decided to approach regarding the possibility of shooting for
    the site, and as you can see, she decided to the nude modeling shoot!

    Name: Erin
    Age: 18
    Height: 5' 01
    Employment: Department Store Retail Clerk

    This hot amateur brunette teen works as an employee at a fireworks stand. She walked
    over towards me and asked me if I needed any help with picking out any of the fireworks.
    We talked a little about the fireworks but the conversation quickly turned into nude
    modeling. I explained to her that I specialize in shooting nude amateur girls and within 1 hour
    or so, she was over at my house spreading apart that sweet amateur pussy and teen asshole apart!

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    Name: Bailey
    Age: 24
    Height: 5' 04
    Employment: Convenience Store Cashier Clerk

    Bailey is 24 years old and she is very inexperienced with nude modeling or anything even remotely considered as being adult entertainment. Bailey is just a girl that I met, while standing behind her at the movie rental machine the other night. I think it's awesome that she was willing to participate in my nude amateur modeling shoots because I really wanted to see those tiny and perky tits that were beneath her shirt and that pink asshole smothered between her ass crack in those tight black shorts and pink panties! Bailey did a great job at the modeling and I hope that you enjoy these promo shots of her!

    Name: Charlotte D. and Ray Edwards
    Age: 27
    Height: 5' 04
    Employment: Apartment Rental Office Receptionist

    I met this sexy and mature babe at the zoo last week, and as soon as I saw her, I really wanted to shoot her for the website. I don't know. Perhaps it was because this hot and sweaty woman at the the zoo decided to sit down on a bench, with part of her right breast hanging out, directly beside me! LOL - Yeah, I had to speak with this woman about doing a nude modeling shoot! Of course, I wasn't really sure if she would do the nude modeling or not, but I felt like I had a pretty good shot at her. Glad I spoke with her too, because she was interested! But I'll tell you something. She sure surprised the hell out of me when she asked if we could both leave the zoo and go directly over to the nude modeling shoot! Geez. I just absolutely LOVE those types of shoots! And another big surprise was when she let me stick my cock into her pussy after the modeling shoot! Her pussy felt so warm and tight too! I almost came inside of her since it felt so good, but I decided to withdraw my cock so that there would be a cumshot photo!

    Name: Abby
    Age: 18
    Height: 5' 07
    Employment: Sub Sandwich Restaurant

    Abby is 18 years old and she is extremely amateur and very fun to shoot! I am looking forward to shooting more of her in the near future! I met this amateur teen at her part time job, which is working in a Subway restaurant. I walked up in there and as soon as I saw this cute amateur babe behind that counter, waiting to take my order, as she looked right into my eyes....boy, that really made me want to talk to her about the nude modeling! And as you can see, I sure took that opportunity! I mean, with NOBODY even in the restaurant, (was almost closing time) I was able to talk to her for almost 30 minutes! As you can see, this hot 18 year old amateur teen decided to do the nude modeling shoot!

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