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Thread: Super High Resolution HD Amateur Pictures - True Amateur Models

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    Name: Isabella
    Age: 19
    Height: 4' 11
    Employment: Super Market Food Store Cashier

    Welcome Isabelle to True Amateur Models! I met this amateur black teen at the grocery market! She works there as one of the cashier girls, and she only works the night shift. I knew that the super market would not be that busy during the evening shift hours, so I headed over there to speak with her about becoming one of my models! I had no idea what she would say about this and I just straight up asked her about it, after explaining to her that I specialize in shooting amateur models. I have always noticed how small and petite her body frame was, and now to see her completely naked and bending over to expose that tiny little ass, wow - that sure is nice. I hope that everyone enjoys these high resolution pictures of this grocery market cashier teen girl modeling nude!

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    The pictures of Isabella modeling nude made her very happy. She was surprised at some of the positions that was able to get herslf in and how she looked so sexy in her modeling poses too. In fact, she was so satisfied with the modeling pictures, she offered to give me a handjob after the modeling shoot! Isabella sure knows how to give a great handjob too! Isabella sure grips hard with her hand. Oh yeah, and she knows all the right places to squeeze all over the shaft of a dick too! I sure enjoyed shooting this hot babe modeling, and it also felt very nice for her to squeeze the cum out of my cock. Watch this ebony 18 year old teen give a CFNM handjob after her nude modeling shoot!

    photos above used from the galleries

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    Name: Jade
    Age: 19
    Height: 5' 07
    Employment: Soda & Hot Dog Refreshment Stand Sales
    Pictures: 600 High Resolution Pictures + More Coming!

    Jade is a 19 year old amateur girl that moved out to the USA from Cuba and she has never done any nude modeling in the past. She works over at the baseball arena selling drinks and hot dogs and that was where I established contact with her. She did a great job at the shoot too! Watch her strike off all sorts of nude modeling poses and positions! Hope everybody enjoys this gallery of high resolution pictures of a nude Cuban girl modeling for the first time!

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    photo above used from the gallery - http://www.trueamateurmodels.com/ama...girl_nude.html

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    Name: Zoe & JC
    Age: 19 & 18
    Height: 5' 06 & 5' 04
    Employment: Zoe, Department Store Store Cashier / JC, Cashier
    Pictures: 3,723 High Resolution Pictures
    Videos: 1 High Definition Nude Modeling Video of Zoe

    Look at these 2 amateur teens having fun on their vacation down at the beach in Florida! We had a lot of fun on this vacation, and of course, I was absolutely sure to take my camera gear with me! We did quite a bit of shooting that week, and not only that, but I also fucked JC in her hairy pussy, so there is also hardcore content from the vacation on the website too! However, in this particular gallery, you will see the girls modeling nude in the hotel room, and even stripping down on the hotel balcony too! I mean, look at those HOT teen asses! Hope you all enjoy this gallery of high resolution photos showing Zoe and JC modeling nude on their vacation!

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    photo above used from the gallery - http://www.trueamateurmodels.com/vac...eur_teens.html

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    Name: Betty
    Age: 24
    Height: 5' 04
    Employment: Part Time Night Shift Bartender
    Pictures: 550 High Resolution Pictures

    I work in a bar and Ray came in the other night to order a few drinks. He had a couple of his friends with him and I overheard one of them talking to Ray about me. I didn't want to be up in their business, but since they were talking about me, I listened very carefully as I was mixing the drinks. I had no idea what they were talking about until I overheard one of the guys tell Ray that he should try and shoot me for his site! I really didn't think much about it until I overheard the same guy tell Ray that I have a "hot looking, plump ass" and that he would love to see my nude ass! Before Ray even approached me, I already knew what he was going to ask! He started to explain that he was a photographer and that he would love to shoot me! The funny thing about all of this is that as soon as he started talking to me about it, I instantly told him that I already knew what he was going to ask me because I overheard his friend talking about my "hot looking, plump" ass! Ray seemed a little surprised because I was SO quick to tell him that doing a nude photo shoot would be totally AWESOME! Hope you guys enjoy my pictures!

    photo above used from the gallery - http://www.trueamateurmodels.com/chu...ass_model.html

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    Name: Remelia
    Age: 19
    Height: 5' 08
    Employment: Restaurant Waitress
    Pictures: 350 High Resolution Pictures + More Coming!

    Welcome Remelia to True Amateur Models! Remelia is 19 years old and I met this hot girl though one of the other models on my website named Krystal! Remelia and Krystal are best friends and the last time Krystal came by to do another amateur nude modeling shoot was the same day she brought along her friend Remelia! Remelia found out about her friend participating in a nude modeling shoot and so she wanted to try out the modeling herself! Oh and yes, there are also pictures of the both of them modeling together too! Remelia is a very amateur girl and she has absolutely no experience in nude modeling or anything related to the adult entertainment industry. She is just a regular girl that you would see walking around the shopping mall or some other public establishment. And might I also add, she is a mexican hottie too! So far, we have only done one shoot, so I am planning on shooting her more, so keep an eye out for more content coming out from this hot mexican babe!

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    photo above used from the gallery - http://www.trueamateurmodels.com/pic...n-remelia.html

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    Name: Sage
    Age: 41
    Height: 5' 10
    Employment: Administrative Assistant
    Pictures: 1,652 High Resolution Pictures + More Coming!

    Wanna see a real and very amateur soccer mom modeling nude? Sage came by the house the other day to do some more amateur nude modeling and the last time I did a shoot with her was a whopping 5 whole years ago! So yeah, it was quite interesting shooting this mature woman after so much time! I suppose she really doesn't looks all that different from the last time we did a shoot, but she has always tried very hard at the amateur modeling, and she does very well at spreading apart that mature pussy and amateur butthole too! As far as how we came into contact with one another, I met her in the grocery store years ago and spoke with her about participating in my amateur modeling shoots. Sage also has a whopping amount of content on the website too! Hope you guys enjoy these amateur pictures of a real and exclusive soccer mom modeling nude!

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    photo above used from the gallery - http://www.trueamateurmodels.com/pic...dels-nude.html

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