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Thread: Super High Resolution HD Amateur Pictures - True Amateur Models

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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Katraz View Post
    You sure know a lot of sluts!
    Hey man, thank's for the comment! Yeah, I do know a lot of sluts, and some of them, I have known for years and still continue to stay in touch with them. Hell, I've continued shooting some of the models ....even after they have decided to get married, had kids and everything else ...along with of course shooting the newer models too. So yeah man, there is never any shortage of female sluts around me!

    Hope you continue to enjoy the posts.

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    Name: Bailey Paige
    Age: 24
    Height: 5' 04
    Employment: Convenience Store Cashier
    Pictures: 960 High Resolution Pictures - Hardcore & Softcore + More Coming!
    Videos: 1 High Definition Nude Modeling & Ass Spreading Video + More Coming!

    Look at that hot and petite babe lowering down her glasses! Her name is Bailey and I met her in front of the movie rental machine and decided to approach her in regards to my amateur nude modeling shoots. I really didn't know what to expect upon first speaking with her, and had absolutely no idea if whether or not she would be cool with stripping down nude and taking the both of her hands to spread apart her ass crack, but it turned out that she was actually a really cool chick and had been a little "on the fence" for a while about nude modeling, but she agreed to do a shoot! And not only that, but I also shot her a few different occasions too!

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    photo above used from the gallery - http://www.trueamateurmodels.com/bailey-paige-nude.html

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    Name: Lanka
    Age: 19
    Height: 5' 05
    Employment: Pet Shop Employee
    Location: Tampa, FL

    I work at a pet store. The other day, Ray (owner of True Amateur Models) came into the store and it was very slow. After looking around for about 10 minutes, I asked him if I could help him find something. He asked for a couple of items, and as I was showing him what we had in stock, he started to ask me questions, stuff like if whether or not I was born in Florida, if I had any animals ...and if so, which types...and so on. He seemed like a real nice guy and being that the store was slow, I continued speaking with him. It did not take long before he started talking about his nude modeling shoots! I was like ...there is NO WAY that I would ever do that! He still gave me the URL to his site and once I got home, I was curious to check it out! I couldn't believe that he was asking me to do that stuff! I talked with a good female friend of mine about doing it and she was telling me to go for it! I think I may have asked the wrong person for advice because she is kinda known around my neighborhood as being a slut, but I have always liked her. As you can see, I took her advice and the nude modeling was fun! Although, I was a bit nervous during the shoot.

    Click the thumb below to go to the gallery!

    photo above used from the gallery - http://www.trueamateurmodels.com/ama...a-spreads.html

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    Name: Angel J.
    Age: 29
    Employment: Desk Receptionist
    Height: 5' 02
    Pictures: 575 High Resolution Pictures + More Coming!

    Look at that happy girl with a hard dick in her hand! Good lord, it sure felt good when she squeezed the cum out of my blue balls. I had been shooting her spreading apart that sweet pussy, and my dick started becoming rather erect as a result of it. We both just kinda laughed a little about it, but then she asked for me to walk over to her. That's when she looked up at me and told that she had could ..."fix the problem". She was correct in saying that too because after jerking all of that cum out of my cock, my dick went limp again and we continued the modeling shoot. Hope you enjoy this HOT amateur CFNM handob gallery!

    Click the thumb below to go to the gallery!

    photo above used from the gallery - http://www.trueamateurmodels.com/ama...ude-model.html

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    Name: Raina
    Age: 23
    Height: 5' 02
    Employment: Dental Assistant
    Location: Palm Harbor, FL

    Look at that hot amateur blonde babe sitting there on that bed exposing her big and all natural breasts! Raina was fishing down at the river with her girlfriend when I came across the both of them. Of course, after checking out the big fish that they had just caught, I went into I run a nude modeling website and spoke to both of the girls in regards to them participating in my amateur nude modeling shoots! One of the girls told me flat out that she was NOT interested, but the other girl (Raina) told me that she WAS interested! To make a long story short, we scheduled a time to hook up, and as you can see, she did a great job at modeling nude and showing off the TIGHT pussy!

    Click the thumb below to go to the gallery!

    photo above used from the gallery - http://www.trueamateurmodels.com/big...e-amateur.html

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    Name: Jennifer Bliss and Ray Edwards
    Age: 18
    Height: 4' 11
    Employment: Pizza Delivery Driver
    Location: Hudson, FL

    Wanna see what happened after Jennifer finished her amateur nude modeling shoot? Watch this real and exclusive amateur teen stroke my dick! She did a pretty good job at the handjob, but what I especially enjoyed was her amateur ass and pussy all thrown up in my face! It felt really good to smell her ass and to eat that pussy while she continued stroking my cock at the handjob porn shoot! Hope you enjoy these super high resolution handjob pictures from True Amateur Models!

    Click the thumb below to go to the gallery!

    photo above used from the gallery - http://www.trueamateurmodels.com/tee...b-glasses.html

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    Watch This Amateur Teen Spread Her Ass And Give A Handjob!

    Name: Alexia
    Age: 18
    Height: 5' 04
    Employment: Grocery Market Cashier
    Location: Tampa, FL
    Pictures - 550 High Resolution Pictures + More Coming!
    Videos: Coming Soon!

    Welcome ALEXIA to TRUE AMATEUR MODELS! I came into contact with this amateur teen over at the shopping mall and decided to speak with her about participating in my nude amateur modeling shoots! As you can see, she accepted the invitation, and not only that, but did a great job at spreading those legs apart! Be sure to check out the UP-CLOSE and SUPER, HIGH RESOLUTION PUSSY AND BUTTHOLE spread pictures! I absolutely love the way her pussy looks! Doesn't that teenage pussy look so tight? Alexia also gives a great handjob too! Watch her stroke all over that hard and erect dick! The day I did a shoot with Alexia, I was able to shoot off OVER 500 HIGH QUALITY PICTURES of her and I am planning on doing additional shooting with her too! Hope you enjoy these amateur and exclusive pictures of this hot and freckled face teen!

    Click the thumb below to go to the gallery!

    photo above used from the gallery - http://www.trueamateurmodels.com/ama...en-alexia.html

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    Name: Jennifer
    Age: 18
    Height: 4' 11
    Employment: Pizza Delivery Driver
    Location: Hudson, FL

    Welcome Jennifer to True Amateur Models! Jennifer is an 18 year old girl that I met in a parking lot and she was having car trouble. I offered to give her a ride, but she had already called the tow truck driver. This gave me plenty of time to discuss the possibility of her modeling nude at my amateur porn shoots! The tow truck driver did indeed FINALLY show up (turned out to be a real dick too) and he towed her car back to the shop, but Jennifer decided to go with me to do the amateur nude modeling shoot RIGHT THEN AND THERE and was going to pick her car up later! Watch this amateur and petite teen in glasses model and spread all apart nude!

    Click the thumb below to go to the gallery!

    photo above used from the gallery - http://www.trueamateurmodels.com/ama...n-glasses.html

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