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Thread: Super High Resolution HD Amateur Pictures - True Amateur Models

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    Name: Kelsie
    Age: 18
    Height: 5' 06
    Employment: Restaurant Hostess
    Pictures: A WHOPPING amount of 1,800 High Resolution Pictures

    I went to a fast food place the other day to purchase some lunch and you would never believe who I saw standing in the line!I saw one of my models waiting to place her order! I run into the girls from my site sometimes out in public places, but not very often. To make a long story short, I asked her of she would be interested in shooting again and she told me that she would love to shoot again! We both sat down together to eat our lunches, and after we were done, we drove right over to the house to do the shoot! No change of clothing, no extra makeup, no scheduling the shoot - we just went directly to the photo shoot!

    Click the thumb below to go to the gallery!

    photo above used from the gallery - http://www.trueamateurmodels.com/kel...iry-pussy.html

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    Name: Jay Jay
    Age: 21
    Height: 5' 03
    Employment: Convenience Store Clerk
    Pictures: 1,400 High Resolution Pictures! + More Coming!

    I met Jay Jay at a death metal show a few weeks back in Tampa, FL. I went to check out a band and noticed Jay Jay standing outside of the club as she was waiting for the band to take the stage. We started talking with one another and she asked me about the tattoo that I have on my left arm. I told her that it says True Amateur Models and that I specialize in shooting nude amateur girls. She seemed pretty excited regarding the idea of modeling nude on the internet so we exchanged phone numbers and the next day, this amateur and tattooed metalhead girl was over at my house spreading apart her hairy pussy!

    Click the thumb below to go to the gallery!

    photo above used from the gallery - http://www.trueamateurmodels.com/nud...airy-bush.html

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